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Artificial lens

Intraocular Lens( IOL ) is the artificial lens that will  replace your eye’s natural lens after being removed due to the cataracts.

The natural lens is suspended behind the iris, held in place by fine ligaments. It is inside a capsule, or pocket, which is as transparent as the lens itself, so that light can travel through and give you vision.

When Dr. Thomas Eshun-Wilson places an IOL in your eye, he positions it inside the same little pocket that held the natural lens.

Your eye will continue working the same way as it did with your natural lens with the IOL in place.

IOLs are transparent to allow light through to the retina just as your natural lens did before the cataract formed.

You do not feel the IOL in your eye any more than you feel the natural lens.


There are a number of different options that you can choose from, and you’ll need to consider your own priorities when deciding which type of lens you should go for – as they provide a variety of different benefits. 

ASPHINA  monofocal intraocular lens is provided with NO GAP  with the appropriate health fund cover

This type of lens provides you with a single vision of either distance of near ......NOT BOTH

spectacle correction will be required.

A "Lara" intraocular Lens (EDoF- extended depth of focus) is available incurring an out of pocked expense

this lens provides excellent vision for distance through to intermediate and reading.

EDoF IOLs combine both advantages:high spectacle independence and reduced visual side effects. therefore they are optimal for patients leading and active lifestyle and wishing to attain spectacle-free vision for most activities.

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