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Glaucoma - Trabeculectomy Surgery

Trabeculectomy is a surgical operation which lowers the pressure inside the eye (IOP) in patients with glaucoma. This is achieved by making a small hole in the eye wall (sclera), covered by a thin trap-door in the sclera. The fluid inside the eye drains through an ExPRESS® mini shunt and the trap-door to a small reservoir or bleb just under the eye surface, hidden by the eyelid. The trap-door is sutured (stitched) in a way that prevents fluid from draining too quickly. By draining fluid the trabeculectomy operation reduces the pressure on the optic nerve and prevents or slows further damage and further loss of vision in glaucoma. Control of the eye pressure with a trabeculectomy will not restore vision already lost from glaucoma.

In November 2013 Dr Wilson pioneered the use of the Ologen Implant in Australia. This is used during glaucoma surgery to augment Trabeculectomy blebs.

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