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We recommend that you do NOT go swimming, do any gardening, be in a dirty gritty environment, or partake in excessive rigorous exercise for one month after surgery.  Otherwise, life goes back to your normal usual routine.

To restore your vision, the lens itself must be removed and replaced with an artificial lens, called an intraocular lens (IOL).

While this might sound like rather drastic action, cataract surgery is a relatively quick and simple procedure, performed as a day surgery.


Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery Steps



  • Please shower prior to arriving at the hospital and wear loose comfortable clothing and shoes.  You must NOT wear any makeup, moisturises, perfumes, deodorants, aftershaves or jewellery.  If you can’t remove any rings, the surgery staff will tape them up.


  • When you arrive at the hospital, nursing staff will administer a series of eye drops.  You will be placed on the operating table and given a twilight sedative from the anaesthetist.  You will be aware of your surroundings, but will be in a happy relaxed state, and will be able to follow instructions if needed.


  • A drape will be placed over your eye and an eye clamp will be placed to keep your eye open.  A small incision is made at the side of your eye to enable the doctor to break up and remove the cataract.  An artificial lens is then inserted through the same incision hole which then slowly folds open in the eye.  If you need reading glasses, we advise you to buy some cheap magnifying glasses until you see your optometrist 4 to 5 weeks after your cataract surgery.


  • A clear shield will be placed over the eye and it is important to keep this shield on all that day and that night.  The following morning, you may remove the shield and start the same eye drops you were using the day prior to your surgery.  Please wear your shield every night for 1 week when you go to sleep, as this prevents you from rubbing your eye when asleep.  Rubbing of the eye can cause damage.

Dr Eshun-Wilson has extensive experience with cataract surgery (having personally performed over 14000 cases) 

You are not allowed to drive for 24 hours after the surgery due to the use of twilight sedation.  You must ATTEND your POST OP check the day after surgery at Wilson Eye Centre so the clinical staff can assess and ensure there are no problems with your eye after surgery.


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